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Hamas & America, The War On The West, Drain The Deep State

Hamas & America


The Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7th unleashed something horrible right here in the United States.  We’ve seen things take place since October 7th that were unimaginable on October 6th. 


After a massacre of Jewish women and children in Israel -- simply because they were Jews -- there was a massive outbreak of bloodthirsty anti-Semitism here in America.  Pro-Hamas demonstrations, with calls for genocide, erupted in our cities and on our university campuses. 


Giving Tuesday, Standing With Israel, Controlling The Narrative

Giving Tuesday


Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday is over. Today is Giving Tuesday!


All over America today, millions of people will give to their favorite non-profit groups.  


Hamas High School Pogrom, Confronting Communist China, Another Populist Win

Hamas High School Pogrom


Cease-fire Deal, Musk vs. Media Matters, Confronting CAIR

Cease-fire Deal


There is breaking news indicating that Israel may accept a four-day cease-fire in exchange for Hamas releasing dozens of Israeli hostages. Israel is also expected to release as many as 300 convicted Palestinian prisoners. White House spokesman John Kirby said the negotiations were at a “delicate stage.”


A Huge COVID Confession, Kowtowing To China, Johnson Releases The Video

A Huge COVID Confession


The New York Times editorial board made a huge confession Saturday. It came just days before Thanksgiving, so most Americans probably didn’t notice. But I noticed because, once again, some on the left are having to concede that conservatives were right. Of course, the New York Times did not admit that.


The Kids Are NOT Okay, Dump TikTok Now, Defending Faith, Family & Freedom

The Kids Are NOT Okay


Hamas Mob Attacks DNC, Biden Betrays Israel, Wray’s Warning

Hamas Mob Attacks DNC


Standing With Israel, Another Hit To The Narrative, The Solution

Standing With Israel


March For Israel, Biden’s Anti-Israel Bias, America Last

March For Israel


Hamas Mars Veterans Day, Fighting Our War, About That Pipeline

Hamas Mars Veterans Day