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The DEI Disaster, Biden Bombs, Border Battles

The DEI Disaster


A lot of bad ideas really took off in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots. One was the “defund the police” movement. Another is called “diversity, equity and inclusion” or DEI.


It’s an ideology that rejects Martin Luther King’s dream that individuals should be judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.


Trump Talks Life, Biden's Priority, Christie Out

Trump Talks Life


With the Iowa caucuses just days away, the Republican presidential candidates were back in the state yesterday making their pitches to the voters.


Biden's Trust Deficit, Hunter's Art Scandal

Biden’s Trust Deficit


Joe Biden came into office promising to restore trust and transparency in Washington. He promised to bring us all together and unite the country. We were told that “the adults are back in charge,” and that everything was going to be so much better.


It’s been the exact opposite.


Penn Statue Stays, The Left Hates America, Proud Patriots

Penn Statue Stays – For Now


Biden Attacks America, Lying About Books, Erasing Our History

Biden Attacks America


Biden's Ugly Strategy, Brazen Hypocrisy, Billionaires Confront DEI

Biden’s Ugly Strategy


Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at rock bottom. In fact, they’re at record lows compared to modern presidents. But he and his political advisors think they have the path to victory. Today, he is rolling out his campaign strategy with a speech at Valley Forge, and it’s ugly.


Biden vs. Washington, The Left's War On Faith, Abortion Mandate Blocked

Biden vs. Washington


Joe Biden is once again exploiting January 6th. He’s going to historic Valley Forge tomorrow, attempting to claim the mantle of George Washington, to give a speech warning about the so-called “dangers to our democracy” represented by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.


Hamas In America, Common Sense Prevails, Obsessed With Race

Hamas In America


There were mass demonstrations at major airports around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The media did not give them much attention, but they should have. Here’s why.


Thank You, A Great Resolution, The Assault On The Family

Thank You!


2023 is officially over. You have been generous in your response, but we still ended the year quite a bit short of our minimum goal. But if the pattern of previous years holds, there will be enough donations that arrive in the mail over the next week.


We are praying that the days ahead will provide the resources we need to ensure our success in this critical decision year. We will let you know the final results.


Canceling Elections, My Prayer for 2024

Late yesterday, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows issued an order removing Donald Trump from the ballot, citing the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment.

Her decision, like the Colorado Supreme Court decision, is a direct attack on your God-given rights as an American.