Trump vs. The Deep State, The Left's Migrant Meltdown, Celebrate The Constitution

Friday, September 16, 2022

Trump vs. The Deep State


Federal District Judge Aileen Cannon issued a ruling yesterday that is a clear win for Donald Trump in his ongoing battle with the Deep State. 


First, Judge Cannon appointed retired Judge Raymond Dearie to be the special master overseeing the seized Mar-a-Lago documents.  Judge Dearie is an interesting choice in that he has served on the super-secret FISA court. 


In fact, he was one of the judges who approved the FBI warrants to spy on Carter Page.  Some speculate that Judge Dearie is now keenly aware of the FBI’s outrageous abuses and outright lies and will not be inclined to give the Bureau the benefit of the doubt. 


Judge Cannon is also unwilling to cut the Bureau any slack.  In addition to appointing a special master, Cannon flatly refused to lift her injunction that prohibited the FBI from accessing the seized material for any investigations beyond a simple security review. 


She wrote, “The Court does not find it appropriate to accept the Government’s conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party. . .” 


After the last six years, she’s got every reason not to trust the FBI. 


(By the way, yet another former FBI official involved in the Russia collusion hoax is now under investigation for . . . wait for it . . . his own ties to Russia!)


Polls show many Americans see the FBI as “Biden’s Gestapo.”  Not a good look.  Christopher Wray should be getting up every morning determined to restore public confidence in his agency.  He should be insisting on transparency. 


Yet in this highly charged atmosphere, the FBI has been insisting on less transparency and less oversight every step of the way.  What does that tell you? 


For any conservative confused about this, our movement has always believed in smaller, less intrusive government.  We have always believed, along with the Founding Fathers, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 


But where are the checks and balances on government power generally, and the FBI specifically, in Washington, D.C., right now?  It’s not the left-wing Congress.  It’s not the liberal, fake news media.  Every conservative should be sounding the alarm on this rogue, Big Government agency.  (See next item.)




White Supremacy Quotas?


The latest allegations from FBI whistleblowers are deeply disturbing.  According to the Washington Times, current and former agents say they are being pressured to “meet internal metrics” on white supremacy and domestic terrorism cases. 


In other words, agents have been told to essentially meet quotas on finding white supremacists to back up Biden’s false narrative that this is America’s biggest danger.


One agent told the Times, “The demand for white supremacy (crimes) vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy (crimes).  We have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than we can actually find.”


Just think about that for a moment.  Joe Biden is screaming about all the “semi-fascist” white supremacists out there “threatening our democracy.”  He did it again yesterday at a White House summit on hate.  But his own FBI agents are struggling to find all this hate and bigotry.


Once again, the man who promised unity is providing nothing but division and fanning the flames of racial discord. 


This is what Joe Biden does best. 


He called Mitt Romney a racist


He lied about Donald Trump praising neo-Nazis.


He called half the country “semi-fascists.” 


He’s not a nice guy!


But if Joe Biden is really interested in finding bigots, he should start by looking at his Pentagon.  It seems that his chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Pentagon agency responsible for educating the children of our service personnel is herself a bigot!




The Left’s Migrant Meltdown


Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis have clearly touched a nerve.  Their latest efforts to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities caused the left to totally meltdown yesterday.  Consider this headline: “Democrats Seethe Over Migrant ‘Political Stunt’ At Martha’s Vineyard.”


Why are they seething?  Martha’s Vineyard voted 80% for Joe Biden – the open borders candidate.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who imagines himself as the next president, is demanding that Abbott and DeSantis be investigated for kidnapping. 


Newsom’s threat is very revealing about the mindset of today’s Stalinist left.  Do something or say something the left doesn’t like and they’ll accuse you of committing a crime. 


Never mind the fact that the Biden Administration has been busing and flying illegal aliens all over the country without notice for the past 18 months. 


Never mind the fact that the Democrat mayor of El Paso has his own busing program to get illegal aliens out of his city, and no one is going after him.




The Compassion Card


Predictably, the entire left-wing political and media complex immediately pulled out the compassion card, saying, “Do conservatives have no heart, no compassion for these asylum seekers?  This is so mean-spirited.” 


All this talk about compassion misses the point.  The issue should be the impact on Americans of all races as millions of people flood into our communities. 


I never hear the left expressing any compassion for hard-working American taxpayers.  I never hear the left expressing any compassion for border communities struggling with gangs and crime. 


What’s wrong with the left?  Why do only non-citizens illegally entering our country get their compassion?




No Room At The Inn?


The compassionate liberals of Martha’s Vineyard wasted no time in mobilizing AGAINST the migrants.  They immediately declared a humanitarian crisis and called out the National Guard.  The 50 migrants are already being bussed off the island and sent to Cape Cod. 


There are 14,000 homes on the island.  I’ll be conservative and assume they all have at least three bedrooms.  That’s 42,000 bedrooms.  If they put three migrants in each room, that’s 126,000 migrants. 


Gov. DeSantis only sent 50.  Clearly, they’re nowhere near “max capacity.”  But these poor “asylum seekers” are being told, “There’s no room at the inn.” 


Barack Obama has a house with seven bedrooms on a 29-acre estate.  He’s a really compassionate guy.  He could take 21 migrants no problem.  And just think of the convenience: Obama could pass around a couple dozen ballots to the illegal migrants, harvest them all and deposit them at the nearest drop box for this November’s election!




Celebrate The Constitution


Tomorrow is Constitution Day. On this day in 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that would become the "owner's manual" of the American Republic.  


Sadly, a recent survey found only 47% of Americans could name all three branches of government.  About a quarter of those surveyed could not name any of the freedoms protected by the First Amendment.


This is a serious indictment against the left-wing public educational establishment that is more concerned with radical gender theory and critical race theory than real education.

Please take a moment to remind your children and grandchildren about the greatness of our Constitution. Tell them what they are not learning in school -- that America is unique because we believe our rights come from God, not government, and that government was meant to be limited so we could be free.




Other Headlines


  • West Virginia lawmakers passed legislation protecting preborn babies from abortion.


  • Ninety House conservatives are supporting legislation to repeal Joe Biden’s pro-abortion executive orders.



  • Fourteen states are suing the Biden Administration for making it easier for non-citizens to receive taxpayer-funded public assistance.


  • Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares launched a new Election Integrity Unit to assist local officials during the 2022 elections.



  • CNN has “demoted” Don Lemon from primetime to the morning lineup.