Trump Urges Calm, Garland’s Gaslighting, Biden Negotiates With Terrorists

Monday, August 15, 2022

Trump Urges Calm


Former President Donald Trump responded over the weekend and again today to the simmering controversy involving the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home. 


Yesterday, President Trump blasted the blatant double standard of justice and how certain laws are being enforced. Trump warned that this double standard of justice was creating tremendous anger around the country. We all know that is true.


But Trump also recognizes the inherent danger. Speaking on Fox News earlier today, Trump disclosed that he has reached out to the Justice Department and offered to do whatever he can to “help bring down the temperature.”


Everyone agrees that the anger level is going up. The Biden Administration, the attorney general, the FBI director and the entire media complex are saying that the potential for violence is increasing because of the rhetoric being used by Trump and his supporters about the corruption within our government and our federal law enforcement agencies.


What President Trump is saying and what many other people agree with, including Bill Bennett and Victor Davis Hanson, is that the way to bring the temperature down is not to silence free speech. It’s to stop the unequal enforcement of the law, which is the crux of the problem.


If the government continues down the road of political corruption and unequal enforcement of the law, we are headed for very dark days. But it is not exposing corruption that is causing division. It’s the corruption itself that is causing the division. 




Garland’s Gaslighting


Days after the FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Attorney General Merrick Garland told reporters that he wasn’t going to stand by and tolerate criticism of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Well, Garland has a history of standing by and doing nothing, which is why there is such outrage over his leadership.


He stood by while radical leftists made life miserable for conservative Supreme Court justices. Merrick Garland stood by while his agency refused to enforce an unambiguous law that prevents protests outside the homes of federal judges. 


He stood by and continued to refuse to enforce that law even after a wannabe assassin was caught outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


He has stood by and done nothing while dozens of churches and crisis pregnancy centers have been attacked and firebombed.


He has stood by and done nothing while record amounts of fentanyl are crossing our border and killing our people in record numbers.


He has stood by while the Biden Administration, cooperating with drug cartels and human traffickers has allowed the U.S. border to be erased before our eyes.


But when Garland chooses to act is also very revealing.


When border state governors tried to end the onslaught of illegal immigration on their own, Garland didn’t stand by then. He went into federal court to stop them.


When the Supreme Court ruled there is no federal right to abortion, Merrick Garland announced that the Justice Department would not stand by while states tried to save innocent babies from abortion. 


When Merrick Garland was nominated by Barack Obama for the Supreme Court seat of the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia, there were some in the GOP establishment at the time who suggested Garland should have been confirmed because he was “a moderate” and the best conservatives could hope for from a liberal president. 


Thankfully, his confirmation was stopped by determined conservatives in the Senate and by Donald Trump’s election in 2016. 




Remembering Afghanistan


Today marks the one-year anniversary of the collapse of Afghanistan, and Biden’s chaotic retreat from Kabul that ensued. Although the Biden Administration and its media allies want you to forget, we all remember how horrific it was. Here are some headlines from one year ago:


‘Saigon on Steroids’: The Desperate Rush to Flee Afghanistan


“Taliban Capture Strategic Cities as Biden Speeds Troop Deployment to Afghanistan”


“Taliban Surrounds Kabul, Negotiating With Afghan Government”


Twelve days later, on August 26, 2021, 13 American soldiers were killed in massive homicide bombing. They died because the Biden Administration turned over security to the Taliban. And Biden’s incompetence keeps on killing. 


Last week, Dakota Halverson, the brother of one of the Marines killed during the Kabul airport bombing, killed himself at a memorial site dedicated to his brother. 


This seems like the kind of story that would be everywhere, but I’ve seen only a few references. Predictably, the compliant media has blacked it out because now there is a  14th dead victim of Joe Biden’s incompetence. 


Like so many other issues, whether its COVID or inflation, Joe Biden lied about Afghanistan. He lied when he said the Afghan government wouldn’t fall. He lied when he said Al Qaeda had been driven out of Afghanistan. We just killed Al Qaeda’s leader in Kabul.


House Republicans leaders have issued a damning report blasting the Biden Administration’s failures in Afghanistan, and they are vowing to hold the administration accountable if they take control of the House after the November elections.


Experts warn that depression and despair is rampant among veterans after Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco.  If you know a veteran or a military family, please reach out to them today.


Tell them that nothing can ever cancel the heroism that their sons, daughters and they have displayed.  And then pray that we can still rescue our country, this "shining city upon a hill," before it's too late.




Faith Is Not Hate


There is an outrageous article in The Atlantic alleging that the Catholic rosary is now a hate symbol. The author refers to the rosary as “beads of battle.”


There’s a temptation to dismiss this as just the rantings of another left-wing nut writing for a left-wing media outlet. But this isn’t just another case of anti-religious bigotry by the left.


Remember the New York Times reporter who ventured out into the suburbs and was “disturbed” by the displays of American flags on pickup trucks?


Many symbols of normal America -- our national flag, the Betsy Ross flag, other patriotic symbols and now symbols of faith -- are under attack by a coordinated, powerful effort to turn these symbols into something despicable, that no decent person would want to display. The Biden FBI has declared some of these patriotic symbols to be markers of “extremism.”


The Atlantic article also suggests the rosary is a symbol of Christian nationalism and that conservative Catholics are an integral part of the Christian nationalist movement.


Well, a Christian is someone who loves Jesus, and a nationalist/patriot is someone who loves America. For corrupt leftists in our country, loving Jesus and loving America are the worst things imaginable! 


So, we must be mocked and shamed in the hope of intimidating others from expressing their love of God and Country.




Biden Negotiates With Terrorists


Last week, a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was charged with plotting to assassinate former National Security Adviser John Bolton. On Friday, an Iranian sympathizer was arrested after he attempted to assassinate Salman Rushdie while he was speaking at the Chautauqua Institution in New York.


The very week that these two events happened, the Biden Administration was back at the negotiating table making further concessions to Iran through our proxy negotiators, namely the European Union and Russia. Iran is supposed to announce today whether it will accept the Biden Administration latest offer for a new nuclear deal. 


Given all the talk lately about inciting violence, what about this?!


While Biden is negotiating how many billions of dollars we’re going to give Iran, its operatives are trying to assassinate former Trump officials and a famous author!


Obviously, the Iranian regime doesn’t respect or fear Joe Biden at all. The Iranians know that Biden is desperate for a deal as quickly as possible to help Democrats in the midterm elections. 


On a personal note, just hours after the assassination attempt against Rushdie, I spoke to hundreds of Iranian dissidents gathered on Capitol Hill who were protesting the 1988 massacre of thousands of Iranian political prisoners by the ayatollah’s brutal regime. 


When I arrived at the event, there was extra security paid for by the dissident group. But I saw no evidence of any presence by the Capitol Hill Police or the city of Washington, D.C.