Smearing Kids, Liberals For Haley, Appeasing Hamas

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Smearing Kids


As you probably have heard by now, there was another sad attempt this week by leftist race baiters to stoke racial tensions and further divide America.  It’s the kind of left-wing agitation designed to keep us at each other’s throats, while the left is busy “fundamentally transforming” the country. 


Deadspin sports reporter Carron J. Phillips published a story this week viciously attacking Holden Armenta, a nine year-old boy.  Why did this reporter smear a little boy?  His “crime” was attending a Kansas City Chiefs game with one side of his face painted black and the other side painted red, the Chief’s colors. 


But the picture that accompanied the Deadspin column only showed one side of Holden’s face, the side painted black.  Both the column headline and the picture’s caption condemned Holden for wearing “black face,” which is considered racist.


Phillips also attacked Holden’s parents and the NFL, writing, “There’s no place for a franchise to be called the ‘Chiefs’ in a league that’s already eradicated ‘Redskins.’”


An added irony in all of this is that Armenta and his family are Native Americans.


Thankfully, this repulsive attempt to stoke racial tensions appears to have backfired.  There are reports that thousands of Chiefs fans are vowing to paint their faces for this weekend’s game. 


This isn’t about racism.  It’s about being a sports fan!


Some media figures who initially followed Phillips’ lead have since apologized.  The Armenta family is being encouraged to sue Deadspin, with some calling this “Sandmann 2.0,” a reference to the liberal media’s disgusting smear against Nick Sandmann.


Culture is upstream from politics.  This is the latest encouraging example of events happening in the culture when the left fails to control the narrative.  But it underscores the importance of being informed, aggressively pushing back against the left and sharing the truth.




Liberals For Haley


There was a big globalist conference in Manhattan yesterday featuring business titans and political leaders.  Among the elites at the conference was Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase bank.  During his remarks, Dimon discussed the 2024 election.  His remarks were revealing.


He told all the wealthy globalists in the room, most of them liberals, “Even if you’re a very liberal Democrat, I urge you, help Nikki Haley.  Get a choice on the Republican side that might be better than Trump.”


Now, I humbly suggest that Dimon’s statement alone should make every supporter of Nikki Haley think twice. 


Dimon was absolutely clear about why he’s urging “very liberal Democrats” to back Haley – he wants to stop Donald Trump, the populist conservative from getting back in the White House. 


We all know Trump’s brand is populist conservatism.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has sounded many of the same themes.  Between the two of them, they are commanding three-quarters of the GOP primary vote.


Haley appears to have some momentum now as other candidates have dropped out.  Her support has doubled since late August.  And the GOP’s big money establishment that has opposed virtually everything the MAGA movement stands for is going all in for Haley. 


Now we’re seeing big money on the left going all in for Haley, too.  Of course, if she won the nomination, they would be toasting each other while they helped to reelect Joe Biden.


Nikki Haley should immediately issue a statement rejecting Jamie Dimon’s backhanded endorsement.  She should make it clear that she doesn’t want the support of big government globalist elites, that a Haley presidency will ensure that such people are not running America, and that she will work for Main Street, not Wall Street.




Biden Bets On Populism


It’s become clear in recent days that the Biden White House knows “Bidenomics” isn’t working for them.  Big government socialism isn’t working either.  We just had the worst bond auction since the Civil War.  No one is buying Biden’s debt.


Well, guess what the neo-Marxists in the Biden White House are turning to?  They also know from the polling data that populism is a compelling message.  We’re seeing it all around the world.  So, now Biden is changing his rhetoric to steal the populism theme away from the clueless GOP establishment.


Biden took a victory lap this week over a slight improvement on inflation.  (Of course, we know prices are still sky-high.) But Biden went straight to the populist line by denouncing big corporations for price gouging


The irony is that he’s in bed with all the big corporations, which are all in on the left’s woke agenda.  But that won’t stop him from turning on a dime to convince the American people that he is a populist champion.


Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce elites are desperately trying to figure out how to crush conservative populism.  Former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a regular guest on CNBC, and his only message is that Donald Trump must be stopped at all costs. 


And his predecessor, John Boehner, spends most of his time bashing populist conservatives when he’s not busy pushing marijuana legalization




Appeasing Hamas


Numerous media reports indicate that the Biden White House is putting “intense” and “relentless” pressure on Israel to not finish the job in its war against Hamas.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Israel yet again pushing for a continuation of the cease-fire. 


This is another example of what Elon Musk meant when he referred to people “who care about looking good while doing evil.” 


Biden wants to look good by claiming to protect Palestinian civilians.  But the reality is that he is preventing the destruction of Hamas, a group dedicated to killing civilians, including every Israeli Jew and every Christian, no matter how many innocent Palestinians it has to sacrifice in the process. 


Biden is not doing anything good by preventing Israel from wiping these terrorists out.  Over time, fewer people will die if Hamas is destroyed now.


Sadly, my sources in Israel say that U.S. military officials are sitting in on Israeli cabinet meetings when the war is discussed.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is being told in no uncertain terms to back off or the Biden Administration will not resupply the Israeli military.


In addition, more and more Democrats are demanding strict conditions be imposed on U.S. aid to Israel – something Biden once denounced as “outrageous.”  Now, he seems open to the idea. 


The very thing they refuse to do to Ukraine, which is fighting what appears to be a losing war, they are doing to Israel – our most reliable ally.


Meanwhile, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer delivered a noteworthy speech on the Senate floor denouncing anti-Semitism on the left and the double standards that are too often applied to Israel when it acts in self-defense.  But he quite noticeably failed to tell President Biden to get off Israel’s back!




Targeting Christmas


As expected, hundreds of radical Palestinian protesters took to the streets of New York City last night.  They attempted to shut down the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center.  At least seven people were arrested. 


Unfortunately, the riot is not getting nearly the media attention it deserves.  These Islamic supremacist sympathizers are aggressively targeting Christmas now. 


It’s just a small taste of the bigotry and intolerance that many Christians in Muslim nations experience when the Islamists run out of Jews to persecute.  But now the Islamists feel emboldened enough to try it here.




Family Talk


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