Kowtowing To Communist China, We're Winning, What Is A Woman

Monday, June 5, 2023

Kowtowing To Communist China


Over the weekend, a Chinese warship came dangerously close to colliding with an American destroyer in the South China Sea. The U.S. and Canadian navies were conducting joint naval exercises in international waters when the vessel from the People’s Liberation Navy came within 150 yards of the U.S. destroyer, forcing it to reduce speed and change course to avoid a collision.


This incident follows on the heels of a Chinese fighter jet buzzing one of our reconnaissance planes over the South China Sea.


At the same time, news broke about suspected Chinese spies, posing as tourists, attempting to enter several U.S. military bases in Alaska. As you recall, Beijing’s spy balloon first crossed into U.S. territory over Alaska. If I were a resident of the Last Frontier state, I would be getting very nervous about these “probes” by communist China.


It remains to be seen how President Biden will respond to communist China’s latest provocations. In recent weeks, he secretly dispatched the director of the CIA to beg for more talks. It’s clear from the events in the South China Sea that he obviously failed to impress his Chinese counterparts. 


Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Biden’s weakness, saying:


“Biden Administration officials should stop chasing after their Chinese communist counterparts like lovestruck teenagers. It’s embarrassing and it is pathetic. In fact, it projects weakness to China.”


Biden’s actions don’t work on a playground, much less on the world stage. When a bully knocks your hat off your head and you ask to talk it over, his next move is to punch you in the face!


That’s exactly what’s going on now, and as Shakespeare famously put it, “The whole world is a stage.” Everyone is watching. 


Foreign presidents and prime ministers get up every morning thinking first and foremost about how they can best protect their country and promote their interests. They make calculations based on what they are seeing around the world. 


And what they’re seeing right now is communist China walking all over America and pushing Biden around, while our military chiefs beg for talks like “lovestruck teenagers” only to be humiliated in the process.




No End In Sight


While we’re confronted by an increasingly aggressive communist China, Biden continues to get bogged down in the slaughter fields of the Ukraine war, which shows no sign of ending anytime soon. 


In fact, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, once again, seemingly rejected any notion of a negotiated cease-fire deal in Ukraine. 


Blinken essentially insisted that there be no talks until Russia gives up all its gains and retreats from Ukrainian territory. In other words, Russia must surrender the very things that any peace talks would be about before negotiations can begin.


The war clearly has not gone well for Vladimir Putin. But Russia is far from defeated. Insisting on Russia’s unilateral surrender as a precondition for negotiations just shows what little interest the Biden White House has in ending this suffering.




Take Heart: We’re Winning


Conservatives and pro-family advocates should be encouraged by a Rasmussen poll released late last week. When it comes to the left’s gender insanity that is on full display during “Pride Month,” the overwhelming majority of the American people agree with us – not the left and its woke corporate and media allies.


Here are the key findings from the poll.


Sixty percent of Americans OPPOSE school officials counseling students on sexual orientation and identity without parental consent. Just 26% think schools should secretly discuss these issues with children. The rest are undecided.


In a deeply divided America, 60%-to-26% is about as close to consensus as you will get, and Joe Biden is among that 26% fringe.


It’s even more interesting when you break down responses along party lines. Seventy-five percent of Republicans opposed school officials counseling students about sexual orientation and gender identity, but only 44% of Democrats think schools shouldn’t push gender ideology on kids. 


Americans agree with laws protecting children from mutilating transgender surgeries 62%-to-30%. 


Rasmussen also found that 71% of Americans agreed with this statement: “There are only two genders, male and female,” while just 23% disagreed. 


Again, the insane left is pandering to an extreme fringe. Conservatives should not be afraid to engage in this fight! And there was even more evidence over the weekend that the backlash against the left’s insanity is growing. See next item.




What Is A Woman


As many of you are aware, Matt Walsh produced an excellent documentary last year called, “What Is A Woman.” On the one-year anniversary of the film, Walsh thought he had negotiated a deal to stream the movie on Twitter. At the last minute, Twitter executives backed out, citing various lame excuses. 


When Elon Musk learned of this decision, he immediately said it was a mistake. He also promoted the film on his Twitter page, saying, “Every parent should watch this. . . A child is not capable of consent, which is why we have laws protecting minors.”


So far, the film has been viewed 165 million times and retweeted 120,000 times. This is a huge victory for truth and free speech!


As we have repeatedly noted, the left has been trying to make it impossible to hear or see the conservative message on virtually every issue. Conservatives are shouted down on university campuses. Donald Trump was kicked off social media platforms. Tucker Carlson was kicked off Fox News


Controlling the debate and censoring voices is the only way the left can win, the only way its insanity can prevail.


This episode shows what happens when the truth is available. People are yearning for it!


Last week, I called out Elon Musk for allowing himself to be exploited by communist China. But I will praise him this week for his ongoing commitment to free speech in America.




Comer vs. Wray


FBI officials today briefed congressional leaders on a potential bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden. The briefing centered around an FBI document from a transcribed interview with a “highly credible” source. The issue at hand is what the FBI did or did not do with this information.


Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee and Sen. Charles Grassley want to know if the FBI investigated the allegation or ignored it as more “Russian disinformation.”


It is important to recall how we got here. Wray and the FBI ignored a subpoena and refused to allow congressional oversight leaders to even see the unclassified FBI document for weeks. It took the threat of a contempt citation to get Wray to respond, even now he’s still playing games. 


A “senior law enforcement official” leaked to NBC News that the FBI “reviewed the allegation when it was made in 2020” and determined that the “bribery allegation was not substantiated.”


Really? So, Wray spent weeks defying Congress over nothing? Then why fight to keep the document secret? And who is leaking to NBC News?


You may recall that a Department of Justice inspector general’s report found “a cultural attitude at the FBI that was far too permissive of unauthorized media contacts.” One of the worst offenders was former FBI Director James Comey.


This afternoon, Chairman Comer announced that the FBI is still refusing to comply with his committee’s subpoena and he will begin contempt hearings against Director Wray later this week. 




More Election Interference


Rumors are sweeping through Washington like wildfire suggesting that the politicized Biden Justice Department is once again going to interfere in our elections by indicting former President Donald Trump over classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.


Again, every former president in recent decades has had disputes with the federal government over classified documents. And Trump had every right to have those documents while the dispute with the National Archives was being resolved. 


As we are wrapping up today’s report, nothing has been announced yet. We will keep you posted as this story develops.