Giving Tuesday, Standing With Israel, Controlling The Narrative

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Giving Tuesday


Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday is over. Today is Giving Tuesday!


All over America today, millions of people will give to their favorite non-profit groups.  


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Standing With Israel


Support for Israel among the American left has been declining for years. Before Hamas’s October 7th massacre, polling showed that liberals generally expressed more sympathy for Palestinians than Israelis. 


This radical shift is largely due to uncontrolled immigration (we are literally importing hate) and indoctrination in our schools (our children are being taught to hate Judeo-Christian civilization).


That’s why we’re seeing an explosion of pro-Hamas sentiment and anti-Semitism now in our urban centers and among so-called “progressive” youth – a shocking development that has caused tremendous concern for American Jews and a huge rift in the progressive movement.


You see it in how the Biden Administration has reacted in recent weeks. Initially, President Biden flew to Israel to show his support. Now, he’s apologizing to Muslims and launching new initiatives to fight Islamophobia.


Meanwhile, Christian evangelicals remain one of the strongest demographics in support of the Jewish state. They are also quick to express total condemnation of anti-Semitism. 


If any additional evidence of this fact was needed, it came yesterday in the form of a letter from top evangelical leaders urging the congressional leadership to act immediately on a series of pro-Israel measures, including:


  • Approval of emergency aid to Israel.
  • Permanently freezing the $6 billion Joe Biden released to Iran, which has launched repeated attacks on U.S. military personnel in the Middle East.
  • Revoking the tax-exempt status of universities that refuse to aggressively combat anti-Semitism on their campuses.


The letter was signed by Dr. Ralph Reed, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Richard Land, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Pastor John Hagee and Pastor James Robison. Click here to read the full letter and view the complete list of signers.




Controlling The Narrative


I alluded to this yesterday, but I want to expound on it more because it demonstrates a major problem confronting the conservative movement in America today. 


A group of thuggish high school students in a heavily minority, very liberal area of New York City, engaged in a two-hour riot last week attempting to hunt down a female Jewish teacher. Why? Because the teacher had the audacity to attend a pro-Israel rally. 


It is unnerving to think of what these radicalized students would have done to her if they had found her. They weren’t rampaging through the hallway to have a conversation with her. Thankfully, she was whisked away and hidden in a locked office before the pro-Hamas student mob could find her.


Now think about this for a moment: The left dominates every institution and every level of government involved here. It controls New York City politics. It controls the media. It controls the White House.  It controls the federal and state education departments and the teachers’ unions. (By the way, where are the teachers’ unions defending this teacher?!)


And what was the initial response to this pro-Hamas riot in a Queens high school? 


Total silence. 


For days, every effort was made to ignore this horrific event and to make it go away. 


Nobody showed any inclination to use it as a teachable moment. 


And no one suggested that it was more evidence of the growing anti-Semitism among young progressives.


Now imagine a similar student riot taking place in a conservative area of Tennessee, with a student body that is predominantly white and from Christian families. 


There would be major stories about that riot day after day after day. 


Joe Biden would be giving another nationally televised speech warning that the MAGA movement is the biggest threat facing America. 


We would be having a national conversation about the dangers of “Christian nationalism.”


Newspapers and leftist politicians would be demanding that the school be shut down and every student involved be charged with hate crimes.


Hillary Clinton would be repeating her demand to “formally deprogram” and reeducate conservatives.


And conservative officials at every level would be asked to condemn the “hatred within the ranks of the right,” and to confess their responsibility for it.


Of all the things that make it so difficult for conservatives to prevail in the battle for America or for just regular Americans to defend normalcy, it is this raw power of the left to form and control a narrative that puts their agenda on steroids, while suppressing everything that might benefit the right or harm the left. 


If we had anything remotely close to a “fair and balanced” media, the neo-Marxist left would already be crushed!


Sadly, even Fox News moved on from the Queens high school riot after just one day. But this isn’t a “one-day story.”  This is a generational story. These students and their hate will be with us for years to come.




2024 Update


This week’s Morning Consult poll finds Donald Trump leading the GOP primary contest by 50 points – 64% to 14% for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has moved up to 10%.


Speaking of Haley, she won a major endorsement today from Americans for Prosperity Action, the main entity behind Charles Koch’s political network. The Koch network’s endorsement of Haley is somewhat surprising, given that she’s a very distant third. 


But it’s not surprising given that the libertarian Koch network is also part of the open borders globalist elite. They bitterly resisted Donald Trump’s America First immigration and trade policies, which DeSantis generally supports, and Haley, at least in the past, has generally opposed. (Here and here.)




Secretary of Stupidity


Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona evidently needs a bit of an education himself. 


During a recent address to the Western Governors Association, Cardona wanted to assure state leaders that his department was ready to assist them. So, he told them, “I think it was President Reagan who said, ‘We’re from the government. We’re here to help!’”


That’s not exactly what Ronald Reagan meant when he uttered that famous phrase. What Cardona left out entirely changes the meaning. 


Here’s Reagan’s full quote:


“I think you all know that I’ve always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.’”


So, is the education secretary really this stupid? Maybe. He can’t define what a woman is. But I suspect this was most likely just another left-wing lie to rewrite history.




The Disney Disaster


One of the great tragedies of modern progressivism is seeing how the woke left destroys virtually everything it touches – our military, our schools and our iconic American companies. 


Even the once beloved Walt Disney Company has been sullied by the left’s obsession with wokeness and identity politics. The movie powerhouse is likely to lose $750 million on its latest releases, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the beating Disney’s stock has taken recently.


But you don’t have to take my word for it. Major companies are required to file regular financial reports and declare anything that could negatively impact the bottom line or might be a financial risk, so that investors are fully informed.


Well, in its latest filing Disney admitted that its adherence to the woke agenda is negatively impacting its bottom line. Consider these excerpts:


“We face risks relating to misalignment with public and consumer tastes and preferences. . . Generally, our revenues and profitability are adversely impacted when our entertainment offerings and products, as well as our methods . . . do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance.


“Further, consumers’ perceptions of our position on matters of public interest, including our efforts to achieve certain of our environmental and social goals, often differ widely and present risks to our reputation and brands.”


In other words, Disney executives know their radical agendas are driving consumers away, but they don’t care. They’re sticking with their “social goals,” no matter the risks to Disney’s reputation and brands.


Walt must be rolling over in his grave! 



Family Talk


Please tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today for part two of my discussion with actor and pro-family activist Kirk Cameron.


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