The COVID Cover-up, Defending Life, Biden On The Brink

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The COVID Cover-up


The breaking news of new whistleblower allegations that the CIA essentially bribed its own officers to cover up the facts on the origins of COVID-19 in order to cover for communist China is deeply troubling.


Rep. Brad Wenstrup, chairman of the House committee investigating the origins of COVID, said these incredibly serious allegations came from a senior level CIA employee who has worked at the agency for many years.


The FBI and the Department of Energy determined that the most likely cause of the pandemic was a leak from the Wuhan lab. Oddly, the CIA ultimately decided that it couldn’t make a determination.


Wenstrup has asked Andrew Makridis, the former CIA chief operating officer who allegedly put this scheme into place, to testify. The committee is also seeking all relevant records. 


House Republicans must move quickly to determine the truth. 


Rep. Wenstrup claims he has a “good relationship” with CIA Director William Burns, who is reportedly disturbed by the allegations. I hope Rep. Wenstrup is right about his relationship and Burns’s reaction. We’ll find out soon enough.


Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before. Many key scientists initially believed the virus was engineered and likely came out of the Wuhan lab. Later they mysteriously reversed themselves. 


Why were some government officials so anxious to protect communist China?


Drs. Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins were deeply concerned that if the American people understood that COVID came out of the lab, it would hurt “science” and “international harmony,” or their cooperation with communist China. 


It would also expose the fact that Fauci and Collins funded the Chinese lab, and they crushed any dissent at every opportunity, just like their Marxist Chinese counterparts.


So, the communist Chinese were either grossly incompetent or they intentionally leaked a deadly virus and people in our government panicked because the truth might threaten their work with communist China.


This perverse mindset goes all the way to the top. Joe Biden said again just days ago that he doesn’t want to confront or contain China. 


Instead, Biden desperately wants China’s cooperation on fighting climate change because he thinks the weather is a greater existential threat than nuclear weapons and, evidently, deadly viruses.


Sadly, there are many elites in government and in corporate America who don’t want the American people to conclude that communist China killed one million of us, caused the greatest loss of liberty in modern history, and contributed to the defeat of a presidential candidate the elites despised in part because he was willing to confront communist China.


Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.




Defending Life


Three years ago, several pro-life demonstrators engaged in a classic 1960s civil rights tactic and staged a sit-in at a notorious Washington, D.C., abortion clinic


Five were just convicted of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, and are awaiting sentencing, which could be a decade in prison and $300,000 in fines. Three more pro-life activists are on trial now.


Jonathan Darnel, whose trial began this week, told reporters that there are several lessons pro-life and Christian Americans could learn from his ordeal. 


One lesson would be a terrible mistake. Darnel said we could conclude that “It doesn’t pay to be a hero,” and that “crossing the [clinic’s] property line is a stupid act, and if you want to avoid the wrath of the U.S. government, you best keep your head down and let the baby killers ply their trade in peace.” 


Then he added, “The U.S. government must be scared silly of citizens who they can’t frighten into submission.” 


Darnel went on to suggest that every abortion clinic in America could be quickly shut down if tens of thousands of pro-life citizens in dozens of cities engaged in peaceful sit-ins. 




Unequal Justice


There is another lesson shouting at us in these trials: The neo-Marxist left is imposing a system of unequal justice on us day-by-day that most people don’t realize or aren’t willing to confront. 


Not far from that D.C. abortion clinic are the neighborhoods where conservative Supreme Court justices live. As you know, there have been massive protests outside the justices’ homes to intimidate them. 


The reason for the protests is that those justices ended the fiction that abortion is in our Constitution. The Biden Administration and local left-wing officials won’t prosecute those demonstrators who are also violating federal law. 


But the Biden Administration and local left-wing officials are bringing the full weight of the law down on pro-life activists. 


The Feds are trying to crush pro-life dissent. Meanwhile, some woke churches demand we submit to these biased government officials. And just a few miles away, that same government is protecting pro-abortion demonstrators harassing Supreme Court justices. 


Here’s the bottom line: There is insufficient outrage by conservatives over this obvious double standard. Too few of our elected officials are willing to push the envelope in response to the left’s abuses of power.


The governor of New Mexico thinks she can cancel the Constitution, while the decent governor of Texas struggles to stop the transformation of America that is taking place every day as Joe Biden allows thousands of foreign nationals pour into our country.


If we continue to follow this script, we will hit a tipping point where it becomes impossible to save our country from the neo-Marxist left.




Media Malfeasance


Few national networks were able to ignore the unbelievable saga that just concluded in Pennsylvania this morning. For two weeks, schools were closed and American citizens lived in fear as one man tied up hundreds of law enforcement agents.


Not surprisingly, however, most of the “mainstream news” networks provided absolutely no context.  The networks devoted 114 minutes of airtime to covering Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped murderer. 


And yet they never once mentioned the fact that Cavalcante is in the country illegally, just like millions of others thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders, thousands of whom are known criminals and national security risks.


If one man could cause this much chaos, just imagine what a dozen, a few hundred or even a thousand determined foreign agents could do.


But if the media told the American people the truth that could expose the open borders left and they can’t have that. 




Biden On The Brink


David Ignatius of the Washington Post is a leading voice of the left-wing DC establishment. So, his column today, “President Biden Should Not Run Again In 2024,” is certain to send shockwaves through the White House. 


Ignatius not only calls for Biden to step aside, he wants Kamala Harris gone, too!


The Ignatius column adds to the growing possibility that unpredictable events in the coming months could result in someone other than Joe Biden leading the Democrat ticket next year. 


Coincidentally or not, there is a constant buzz in this city about Michelle Obama being that someone else.




Romney To Retire


Utah Senator Mitt Romney announced today that he will not seek reelection in 2024. Romney’s reelection was far from guaranteed. He was already facing multiple primary challengers. (Here and here.)


True to form, Romney used his announcement today to attack both Joe Biden and Donald Trump. What does that accomplish? 


Romney is suffering from the establishment delusion that suggests what America really needs right now is yet another political hack willing to kick Donald Trump. 


What we need is a fighter willing to take on the neo-Marxist left and its Deep State allies! Mitt Romney was never that.


But I suspect Romney may very well be positioning himself to run for president in 2024 on some sort of a “third way” ticket.