Blood Money, Michigan Results, About That Airman

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

“Blood Money”


Hunter Biden finally testified this morning before House Republicans, who are trying to figure out what Biden family members did to earn the millions of dollars they received from foreign interests, including communist China.


No one can find any work product for the $20 million the Biden family funneled through 20 different shell companies. What was all that money for? Why did they need 20 different companies?


House Republicans may not get answers out of Hunter, but the answers may be in “Blood Money,” the latest book by investigative reporter Peter Schweizer. “Blood Money” details the various and disturbing ways Beijing’s communist regime is undermining our country.


For example, we already know the Biden family got $5 million from Ye Jianming, the chairman of a Chinese energy company.


But in “Blood Money,” we learn that Jianming was partners with Zhang Anle, a Chinese drug lord largely responsible for the fentanyl drug that is killing 100,000 Americans every year.


Is that why Joe Biden almost never speaks about the fentanyl crisis? Is that why he doesn’t condemn communist China’s role in the deaths of 100,000 Americans every year?


The Biden family was also doing business with leaders of communist China’s intelligence services. Hunter even bragged about it.


Is that why Biden hesitated to shoot down China’s spy balloon? Is that why he is campaigning on Tiktok, which sends all its data back to communist China?


TikTok is such a security threat that federal government employees are banned from using it. But Biden is using it.


The biggest danger facing America isn’t the war in Ukraine. It’s the undeclared war that communist China is waging against us right now. Sadly, many of our corporate CEOs and prominent political families have been compromised by communist Chinese money.




Michigan Results


Donald Trump scored his biggest win yet in yesterday’s Michigan primary. Trump crushed Nikki Haley 68% to 27% -- a margin of 41 points.


As one conservative columnist noted this morning, the race wasn’t closer because, unlike the previous primary states, Michigan Democrats were too preoccupied with their own problems to meddle in the GOP race by voting for Haley.


So far, Nikki Haley has spent $76 million to lose Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Michigan. She’s won 24 delegates. That’s roughly $3.2 million per delegate.


While Joe Biden also won comfortably, he lost 13% of the vote to “uncommitted” because of a protest movement by Michigan’s large Muslim community. For example, “uncommitted” defeated Joe Biden in Dearborn by 57% to 40%. (Rep. Rashida Tlaib represents Dearborn.)


While Dearborn was the rare exception, in other key Democrat areas, like Ann Arbor, the “uncommitted” vote was higher than 13%. Those won’t be Trump votes in November. But it signals a lack of enthusiasm among the progressive base.


In related news, the super PAC promoting the independent presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., just announced that it has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot in Arizona and Georgia, two states Trump narrowly lost four years ago.




Faith Under Siege


There is a legal battle brewing in Vermont that should be an educational moment for American Christians.


Last year, Coach Chris Goodwin of the girls’ basketball team at Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) forfeited a playoff game rather than play against a school that had a large boy on its team.


The Christian school lost more than just that game. It has been banned from all athletic events in Vermont, and the coach is out of a job. The school is now suing the state of Vermont.


The reason I bring this up is because it goes straight to the heart of a critical issue that’s dividing Christians right now.


One side argues that Christians should stay out of politics because it is “worldly” and none of it matters. Just send your kids to Christian school, go to church on Sunday, and live your Christian life.


My side argues that Christians won’t be able to do that for long. You may not be interested in politics, but the left is interested in you. It is aggressively attacking your God-given liberty and demanding we bow to their radical secular/globalist agenda.


In an interview with Fox News, the attorney representing Coach Goodwin and the Christian school said:


“[Vermont] is not entitled . . . to force private, religious schools across the state to follow that orthodoxy as a condition to participating in Vermont’s tuition program and the state’s athletic association. . . The state is basically attempting to purge individuals like Chris.”


The Vermont Principals’ Association, which banned Mid Vermont Christian School from all athletic events, declared:


“[MVCS] has every right to teach its beliefs to its own students. It cannot, however, impose those beliefs on students from other public and private schools; deny students from other schools the opportunity to play; or hurt students from other schools because of who those students are.”


So, by not allowing your girls to get beat up by a boy, you’re denying the boy and the other girls on his team their rights. They are demanding that we shed our faith to be part of public life in America. This statement by the People’s Republic of Vermont would warn the hearts of any commissar in Beijing, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela.


And it’s not just one Christian coach in Vermont. It’s Christian business owners in Colorado. It’s Christians called for jury duty in Missouri. It’s Christian parents in Indiana.


This is the world our progressive elites are attempting to create for us. They are backed by powerful forces, including many in corporate America who have decided they are more comfortable with global standards on how life should be ordered than the standards of Branson, Missouri, or Rapid City, South Dakota.




About That Airman. . .


I want to revisit the bizarre story surrounding Aaron Bushnell, who set himself on fire outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington. D.C. The “mainstream” media are completely ignoring it, and even most conservative outlets aren’t covering it as much as they should.


In addition to being an anarchist, a socialist, an America-hater, and pro-Hamas, Bushnell was also part of a self-described “queer revolutionary organization” in Ohio. The organization posted a statement eulogizing Bushnell and closed it with, “Rest easy, Comrade. Free Palestine!”


And this individual worked in an Air Force cyber defense unit.


So, we have a non-binary individual who attacked a bar in Colorado. We have a transgender individual who attacked a Christian school in Tennessee. (We still haven’t seen her manifesto.) And we have a deeply disturbed young man who sets himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy.


But don’t worry about any of that. The Biden administration is cracking down on the real danger – pro-life activists singing hymns outside of abortion clinics.


Here’s something else to consider. Many on the left are praising Bushnell as some kind of martyr. (Hamas even offered its “heartfelt condolences.”) This is a very disturbing development. 


As one writer for the Jerusalem Post observed, self-immolation is an act of violence, and there is a fine line between that violent act and suicide bombing. Meanwhile, our college campuses and major cities are filled with pro-Hamas radicals and virulent anti-Semites calling for the destruction of Israel.