Biden Busted Again, The Neo-Marxist Threat, Defending Faith, Family & Freedom

Friday, December 8, 2023

Biden Busted Again


After five years of lengthy investigations that eventually morphed into a special counsel investigation, Hunter Biden was just hit with nine more charges related to tax fraud, including 3 felonies. 


Multiple reports suggest he’s facing a potential sentence of 17 years in jail.  I don’t believe he will serve one day, as I have explained before.


According to the indictment, Hunter Biden engaged in a multi-year scheme to avoid paying $1.4 million in taxes.  But over that same time, he withdrew more than $1.6 million in cash from ATMs, spent $4 million on drugs, prostitutes, clothes and luxury cars.  At the same time, he was claiming poverty and wasn’t paying his child support. 


Hunter’s lawyers claim that he was addicted to drugs and shouldn’t be held responsible.  Really? 


Well, why were foreign corporations and governments paying him millions of dollars during that same period?  What was drug-addicted Hunter doing for these foreign entities?  Nothing, obviously.  These were payments to Joe Biden




Hunter’s Taxes; Joe’s Corruption


These foreign entities and governments were funneling the cash through Hunter Biden in order to buy influence with his father, Joe.  And that’s the real point, folks.  Don’t lose sight of that key fact. 


This really isn’t about Hunter Biden.  Hunter was merely a conduit for Joe Biden’s corrupt influence peddling scheme.  And Hunter even admitted that once, saying he never would have landed these big deals if his last name wasn’t “Biden.” 


But Burisma was never interested in Hunter.  Communist China was never interested in Hunter.  Kiev and Beijing were both very interested in Joe.


Will justice be served?  That remains to be seen. 


House Republicans want Hunter Biden to sit for a deposition under oath to get more details about his foreign business dealings.  The net seemed be to closing in on him and his father. 


Now, all of a sudden, Special Counsel David Weiss issues a new indictment, meaning Hunter’s lawyers will claim that he can’t talk amid an active criminal investigation.  We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.


Here’s what we do know for certain:  If you didn’t pay your taxes for multiple years while hiring prostitutes and holding huge parties as banks were issuing scores of suspicious activity reports, including foreign payments for no services, you’d be behind bars pretty quickly. 


But in Hunter Biden’s case, nothing happened because of political interference at the IRS and the Justice Department.  And it was almost completely swept under the rug until one judge dared to ask a few simple questions that exposed the Justice Department’s sweetheart plea deal.




The Neo-Marxist Threat


Earlier this week, the presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, presumably three of the “smartest” people in the country, testified before Congress. 


Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) asked them probably the easiest question you could imagine:  If a student openly calls for the death of Jews, does that violate the codes of conduct at your prestigious institutions?


They all answered, “It depends on the context.” 


In the case of Liz McGill, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, each of those words cost the university $20 million.  A wealthy donor who had committed to giving the university $100 million withdrew the gift


By the way, using the wrong pronoun or “misgendering” a man who claims to be a woman is considered “abuse,” according to the mandatory sensitivity training required of all Harvard students.  But calls for genocide against Jews, that’s okay. 


I am pleased to report that Congress is launching formal investigations into each of these universities.


These university presidents are moral cowards.  They are paralyzed and unable to act morally when confronted between good and evil.  And this is far more important than just those three individuals.


They are leading three of the most prestigious universities in America, and educating the future elites who will run our country.  They are training future lawyers, doctors, CEOs, senators, judges and presidents. 


Their inability to make clear moral decisions is a threat to our country because their moral confusion will be passed on to the next generation. 


It would be bad enough if it were just these three universities.  Sadly, virtually all of academia has been infected with this neo-Marxist rot where “misgendering” someone is a greater offense than calls for genocide.


This is why I have Jewish neighbors who hesitate to go to the hospital for scheduled procedures unless they can determine that the person they are entrusting their life to hasn’t been infect with radical Islam or neo-Marxism. 


This isn’t an irrational fear because we have seen doctors on social media spewing anti-Semitism.  (Here and here.)  And the Harvard Arab Medical and Dental Student Association was among the dozens of student groups that signed the notorious pro-Hamas letter defending the October 7th massacre.


I needed a specialist recently and one was recommended to me.  I checked out her website and immediately noticed that she listed her pronouns as “she/her.”  So, this educated medical professional has bought into the trans insanity that you can select your gender. 


Then, I wondered if maybe the doctor really was a man who now “identifies” as a woman.


No country can survive this degree of moral confusion and cultural chaos!  But this is what the neo-Marxist left has done to our country.




Biden & CAIR


When it comes to the issue of tolerating raw anti-Semitism, there’s a lot of “clean up” going on at some universities, as well as the White House. 


The Biden Administration has been busy scrubbing all references to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, from its website. 


CAIR has been a regular fixture at the White House during the Obama and Biden Administrations.  When the Biden White House wanted to draft new guidelines to combat anti-Semitism, CAIR was there.  So, why all the sudden concern?


Well, our friends at Middle East Media Research Institute just released a new video featuring Nihad Awad, CAIR’s executive director, praising the October 7th Hamas attack against Israel. 


A White House spokesman condemned Awad’s “shocking, anti-Semitic statements in the strongest terms.” 


Well, that’s something, I guess.  But it’s too little, too late.  This latest anti-Semitic outburst is nothing new for Awad.




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


In my latest “Defending Faith, Family and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I examine the root causes of antisemitism on major American university campuses. 


If you have a child or grandchild who is in college now or who is a high school senior, you won’t want to miss this important discussion!




Other Headlines


  • The House of Representatives passed legislation blocking the Biden Administration’s attempt to ban gasoline-powered cars and trucks.


  • A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking to remove Donald Trump from the Arizona ballot under the 14th Amendment.


  • Commonsense educational reforms advanced by Gov. Ron DeSantis have resulted in many leftist indoctrinators (formerly known as “professors”) leaving the state of Florida for “bluer pastures.”  This is a victory for students, parents, taxpayers and America.


  • Superintendent of Education Ryan Walters announced that the state of Oklahoma has cut all ties with the American Library Association, which is led by an avowed “Marxist lesbian” and is pushing an extreme woke agenda on our children.


  • Seventeen governors warned the Biden Administration and congressional leaders that the federal government must do more to stop communist China from buying up U.S. farmland.


  • Twenty-two state attorneys general warned woke financial institutions against efforts to “de-bank” conservative individuals and organizations.


  • South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis announced that he is divesting from Disney after the company admitted that its woke agenda is offending consumers and is, therefore, a potential financial risk.