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Saturday Slaughter, The Man Responsible, Shameful Demagoguery

Saturday Slaughter
Saturday's attack during a bris ceremony at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh by a disgusting anti-Semite and Trump-hater (more below) shocked the nation.  Eleven worshippers were killed and six people, including four police officers, were wounded.
Our hearts and prayers go out for those who were brutally murdered, their families and the entire Tree of Life community.

Strong Growth, Speaking Of The Border, Make Your Voice Heard

Strong Growth
Third quarter economic growth came in at a very strong 3.5% rate, beating economists' expectations. 

Mail Bombs vs. Scalise Shooting, Conservatives vs. Islamists, What's Next

Mail Bombs vs. Scalise Shooting
By late last night and continuing this morning with the discovery of new bomb-like devices, the package threats against leading liberals and media outlets is the only story dominating all the news. 

Migrant Army Marches On, Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bombs Intercepted

Migrant Army Marches On
There were several developments yesterday regarding the migrant army marching toward our border that the mainstream media are attempting to ignore. 

Fear & Loathing From The Left, What's Really Happening, Who's Coming

Fear & Loathing From The Left
Today's Washington Post and the New York Times essentially ran the same story alleging that Donald Trump is exploiting fear and using "racially tinged rhetoric" to fire up his supporters.

The Caravan Continues, What Next, The Harassment Continues

The Caravan Continues
Late Friday, the illegal immigrant convoy from Central America breached the Mexican border.  Reports indicate that the group has now doubled in size to at least 7,000 people. 

Caravan Day 4, Iran Threatens Israel, Stand With Thomas

Caravan Day 4
The migrant caravan from Central America has reached Mexico's southern border.  So far, Mexico seems to be cooperating with U.S. demands that it stop the caravan from going any further.

Caravan Day 3, Plan B, About That Journalist

Caravan Day 3
The migrant caravan has grown to at least 4,000 people.  I would argue that there are many people who, though they are not in Guatemala right now, are symbolically leading the march. 

Caravan Day 2, Mueller Report Ready, International Pronouns Day

Caravan Day 2

Another Caravan, Warren's Results, The Intolerant Left

Another Caravan
Another caravan of women and children recently left Honduras headed for the U.S. southern border.  According to Reuters, the caravan of approximately 3,000 migrants has doubled in size since Saturday.  It is now being called the "March of the Migrant."