Celebrating Justice Kavanaugh, The Fever On The Left, The Awakening On The Right

Monday, October 8, 2018

Celebrating Justice Kavanaugh
I got a call late last night, which was followed up by a formal invitation, to attend the White House swearing-in ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh at 7:00 PM this evening. 
I will be there representing all of you who fought so hard and who empowered us to fight so hard in what was the most brutal confirmation battle Washington has seen in decades, if ever.
It is good to celebrate this great victory with the Kavanaugh family.  But it would be a colossal mistake to think that any final victory has been won.  The left now insists on impeaching Justice Kavanaugh!
It has other ideas too.  For example, some progressive activists want to pack the Supreme Court with two more left-wing judicial activists, expanding its membership to 11 justices, in order to negate Trump's appointments of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
The left's growing extremism and its embrace of physical violence is a blaring alarm for our constitutional republic.
I know some of you get irritated by the president's tweets.  But in one statement this weekend he demonstrated why millions of voters chose him and not another establishment politician in 2016. 
The president tweeted:  "You don't hand matches to an arsonist, and you don't give power to an angry left-wing mob."
The Fever On The Left
I heard from some friends who were in the Senate gallery during the roll call vote.  One said that press reports describing the demonstrators as simply shouting protest slogans was a gross understatement.  She described bizarre guttural cries and screams from the left-wing activists. 
The video of the demonstrators rushing the steps of the Supreme Court and pounding and clawing at the door is deeply disturbing.  It is worth watching just to have some understanding of the derangement that has gripped the left.
Multiple senators have received death threats on their personal cell phones.  Sen. Cory Gardner's (R-CO) wife was sent a text message with a video of a beheading.
One of the writers for comedian Stephen Colbert publicly declared, "Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life."
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade was accosted by two people who followed him into a subway car, screaming that he was a racist and a top adviser to President Trump.  Other passengers joined in the assault.
The New York Times published a column yesterday by Charles Blow in which he described Brett Kavanaugh as "only one soldier" in the conservative war to return the Supreme Court and the country to "originalism," which he interprets as a return to slavery.  Blow also urged liberals to look beyond "the coming election and toward the coming showdown."
The Awakening On The Right
Maine's 65 year-old senator, Susan Collins, often frustrates conservatives.  Like Jeff Flake, Collins was cornered in an elevator by left-wing activists and has only been able to move around Capitol Hill with the aid of an armed police escort. 
The left targeted Collins from day one of the Kavanaugh debate.  In fact, so-called progressives have already raised more than $3.5 million to defeat her in 2020 as a result of her vote.
Nevertheless, she had one of the finest moments of her career Friday when she stood on the Senate floor and not only defended Brett Kavanaugh but also methodically dismantled the left's arguments against him.
Who can explain the awakening of Lindsey Graham?  In the past, he has refused to campaign against his Senate colleagues, but he has now changed his mind
How many times have conservative activists begged Mitch McConnell to fight harder?  Well, he was a stalwart champion throughout the Kavanaugh battle.  Moreover, McConnell continues to demand an investigation into the leak of Dr. Ford's letter, which he described as "despicable."
Make no mistake about it -- Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh are on the ballot this November.  The left is promising that if they retake the House, they will begin by impeaching Justice Kavanaugh and then they will impeach President Trump.
Deadlines Fast Approaching
My friends, you can't vote this November unless you are registered.  And voter registration deadlines are approaching fast. 
In fact, the deadlines in more than a dozen states are this week.  For several key states such as Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas, the deadline is tomorrow!
Please make sure you and all your friends and family members are registered to vote.